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2014 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Tool Kit

Since 1981, October has been National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The observance serves to educate communities, individuals, couples and families about the Family Advocacy Program services and other community resources that can help prevent, raise awareness of community responsibility, and inform the community of the many ways to report domestic abuse.


Fact Sheets:

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Two women talking on couch Victims who need to get out of an abusive relationship can get support from the military, but they also benefit from help and encouragement from friends, relatives, co-workers and trusted professionals.

Child's hand holding adult's hand In today’s distracted world, it’s easy to slip into the trap of multitasking. Being mindful and present, by focusing your attention and actively listening when spending time with your family, can help your family members feel appreciated. Consider these ways to be more mindful and present to show your family members you are thankful.

Couple looking at brochures In gearing up for Military Saves Week this webinar will discuss one of the most important savings goals of American families — saving money for a comfortable retirement. Such topics will include research findings about the retirement preparedness of American families, conflicting opinions about "the number" (the amount of money needed to comfortably retire), factors that influence "the number" and retirement savings calculation tools such as the Ballpark Estimate and Monte Carlo simulations. Case studies and chat questions will be included to apply the webinar content to real world situations. There are CEUs available.




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