Child and Youth Camps Build Family Readiness

Family playing tug of war using a rope

Children and teens learn flexibility, adaptability and resiliency through their life in a military family, but they may not understand how to apply those strengths to their current life situation. Child and youth camps create a safe and fun environment where children and teens can go to learn how to put their military-life strengths to use in their everyday lives.

Trained child and youth behavioral military and family life counselors and personal financial counselors are available to support child and youth camps. Military and family life counselors can do the following:

  • Help children and teens process their feelings
  • Engage in activities and field trips with children and youth
  • Model techniques for behavior management including feedback for staff
  • Provide additional resource support for child and youth programs staff
  • Conduct a training session called Age-Appropriate Practices - Challenging Behaviors
  • Deliver approved briefings, training and presentations for staff and parents
  • Assist specific families with parenting and child behavior issues

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