Be Stronger Than Stress With the Military and Family Life Counseling Program

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Everyone experiences stress from time to time, but military life can bring additional stressors with things like deployments and frequent moves. Who wouldn’t get a little bent out of shape over a box of broken dishes following a move? To face these challenges head on, you need to be both physically and emotionally healthy, and that means taking care of yourself. The Military and Family Life Counseling Program is here to help.

What is the Military and Family Life Counseling Program? Is it for you?


an appointment today with a child and youth behavioral military and family life counselor.

The Military and Family Life Counseling Program offers free short-term, non-medical counseling to:

  • Active-duty service members
  • National Guard members
  • Reserve members (regardless of activation status)
  • Department of Defense civilian expeditionary workforce members
  • Immediate family members or surviving family members of any of the above

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