Department of Defense Policy

These resources include DoD directives, instructions and guidance on substance abuse in the military.

Substance Abuse

DoD Directive 1010.01, "Military Personnel Drug Abuse Testing Program," September 13, 2012 This Directive incorporates updates on the drug and alcohol urinalysis testing program for military personnel and includes the basis for conducting urinalysis testing. It also incorporates new policy on the abuse of anabolic steroids.

DoD Directive 1010.04, "Drug and Alcohol Abuse by DoD Personnel," September 3, 1997, Incorporating Change 1, January 11, 1999 This is the overarching DoD Directive on drug and alcohol prevention, abuse, dependence, and response. It defines polices regarding: identification and deterrence of substance abuse; assessment of the extent of abuse within DoD; provision of education and training on substance abuse prevention; counseling and administrative options for substance abusers; and the use, possession, or sale of controlled substances.

DoD Instruction 1010.06, "Rehabilitation and Referral Services for Alcohol and Drug Abusers," March 13, 1985 This Instruction provides updates on policies, procedures, and responsibilities pertaining to DoD rehabilitation and referral services. This includes: identification of at-risk active duty personnel; provision of rehabilitation services, including family members when feasible; provision of information, assistance, and referral for all DoD civilians; certification of DoD alcohol and drug counselors; training of other medical professionals; and coordination with other at-risk programs, such as child and spouse abuse programs.

DoD Directive 1010.09, "DoD Civilian Employee Drug-Free Workplace Program," June 22, 2012 This Directive includes policy, procedures, and responsibilities for urinalysis testing of DoD civilian employees.

DoD Directive 5210.42, "Nuclear Weapon Personnel Reliability Program," July 16, 2012 This Directive updates policy and responsibilities for the management of the DoD Nuclear Weapon Personnel Reliability Program; ensures the highest possible standards of individual reliability for personnel performing duties associated with nuclear weapons and critical components; requires the selection and retention of only those personnel who are emotionally stable and physically capable, and who have demonstrated reliability and professional competence; and authorizes the issuance of DoD 5210.42-R, "Nuclear Weapon Personnel Reliability Program Regulation."

DoD 5210.42-R, "Nuclear Weapon Personnel Reliability Program (PRP)," June 30, 2006, Incorporating Change 1, November 10, 2009 This Regulation establishes requirements and procedures for the implementation of the PRP in order to select and maintain only the most reliable people to perform duties associated with nuclear weapons.

DoD Directive 6490.1, "Mental Health Evaluations of the Members of the Armed Forces," October 1, 1997, certified as current November 24, 2003 This Directive assigns responsibilities for referral, evaluation, and management of Service members directed for mental health evaluations.


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