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It always takes time to adjust to new teachers and classes when you switch schools. This can lead to falling behind in class or getting lost as you learn the ropes. Whether it's chemistry or history that's got you stuck, you can use these tips to help you through a difficult assignment.

  • Ask a parent, another adult, or a friend from school to help. Maybe they've already taken the class and can offer some insight or a new way of looking at the subject matter.
  • Create a study group. Maybe someone in your class remembers a part of the lesson you forgot and can explain it in a way that you'll understand. Exchange email or contact information with students in your class to help each other with difficult homework assignments. Study for tests with friends over a pizza (but don't forget to study)!
  • Check out the Internet. There are great homework help websites.
  • Get extra help from the teacher. If you're struggling with your homework regularly, you may need to stay after school to get extra help from your teacher. Chances are that one-on-one time with your teacher will help you figure out whatever has been causing you trouble.
  • Get organized. If you don't do it already, start carrying a planner or a notebook just for homework assignments. Write down the assignments in one place, very clearly so that you remember just what to do when you finally sit down to do all your work.
  • Create a schedule. Between a job and any other after-school commitments, it might be hard to find time to squeeze in study and homework time. Having a scheduled time to work will ensure that you devote enough time to your difficult classes.
  • Make sure you understand your homework assignments before you leave school. If you're sitting in class without a clue as to how to complete the homework assignment, don't just walk out of class without getting some clarification. Get the explanation you need before you leave the building.

Don't get stressed out if, at your new school, the kids are working on different material in your classes. It's okay if it takes a while for you to get caught up and get comfortable with the new topics and material.

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