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The following management tools are available for download and printing by children and youth service providers to help conduct and promote their programs. Upgrades for Acrobat Reader software are available at no charge at

Military OneSource Products

Visit the Military OneSource Children, Youth and Teens products page for helpful resources including booklets, CDs, DVDs, and toolkits.

5210 Healthy Military Children Fact Sheet

The 5210 Healthy Military Children campaign encourages parents to help their children take simple steps toward lifetime wellness. Each of the 5210 principles can also be incorporated into adult lives, creating a family effort to reduce obesity and increase physical and nutritional health.

Children's Ages and Stages Fact Sheet

Parents play the most important role in guiding and supporting military children through all stages of life. Knowledge of parenting and of child development is an important tool for every parent. Knowing children's capabilities and setting realistic expectations for their behavior can minimize the stress of day-to-day parenting. That is why keeping up with the latest information about parenting techniques and child development is so important. Click on the link to open a PDF of the fact sheet:

Month of the Military Child Fact Sheet

April is the Month of the Military Child, during which the Department of Defense and communities around the world honor military children and youth. Children of service members display courage and resilience in the face of frequent moves and deployment, and the DoD is committed to supporting their health and well-being. Click on the link below to open a PDF of the fact sheet:

Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children Fact Sheet

The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children was created to ease many of the problems students in military families face as a result of deployment and transfers between school systems when they relocate with the military by standardizing policies in the school districts of all member states. Click on the link below to open a PDF of the fact sheet:

Keeping Children Healthy and Active Fact Sheet

The Department of Defense strives to support the health and well-being of military service members and their families, and their participation in the White House's Task Force on Childhood Obesity will augment these efforts. As a part of this task force, the DoD will help identify strategies to prevent and treat childhood obesity within the military community. Click on the link to open a PDF of the fact sheet:

Military Extension Internship Program Fact Sheet

The Military Extension Internship Program is a workforce development initiative that provides college students and recent college graduates with practical work experience in child and youth programs on military installations around the world. Click on the link to open a PDF of the fact sheet:

Military Academic Advancement Program Products

The Military Academic Advancement Program offers premier graduate-level distance education opportunities to military spouses, veterans, service members and civilian professionals serving the military community. MAAP promotes the professional development of participants and helps DoD develop its workforce in the areas of child, youth and family programs. Click on the link to open a PDF of the products:

Military Youth of the Year Fact Sheet

For more than two decades, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America have partnered with the Department of Defense to provide nationally recognized, evidence-based programming for thousands of military youth around the world. This year, in addition to the overall National Youth of the Year award, the Boys & Girls Clubs are sponsoring a Military Youth of the Year competition. Click on the link to open a PDF of the fact sheet:

Sesame Workshop, Trevor Romain, and ZERO TO THREE Posters

Below are the new Sesame Workshop, Trevor Romain and ZERO TO THREE posters developed specifically for service providers. Click on the link to open a PDF of the poster you would like to print. Please note that the posters are sized to the specifications listed.

Sesame Workshop

Trevor Romain


Sesame Workshop Child Resilience Initiative: Little Children, Big Challenges Fact Sheet

Sesame Workshop is a nonprofit educational organization that brings critical lessons to children across the world, including products for children of deployed parents, toolkits for children who have lost a loved one and children whose parents are going through a divorce. In December 2013, Sesame Workshop released a new book and DVD, "Little Children, Big Challenges," as a part of their Child Resilience Initiative. The softcover book and DVD are available at no cost to military families through Military OneSource. Click on the link to open a PDF of the fact sheet:

Sesame Workshop Resources for Military Families Fact Sheet

Sesame Workshop is a nonprofit educational organization that brings critical life lessons to children across the world. The Department of Defense and Sesame Workshop collaboration began in 2006, when both organizations agreed that military children of preschool age would benefit from a resource to help them cope with the experience of a deployed parent. The result of this collaboration was the much-needed support and practical education captured by "Talk, Listen, Connect," which features videos, storybooks and workbooks, specially created for this program, that guide families through tough transitions. Since it began, the collaboration has resulted in a variety of multimedia resources for military families, which are available at no cost through Military OneSource.

Child Abuse, Child Neglect, and Safety Violations in DoD Child & Youth Programs and Schools

Downloadable posters with information about preventing child abuse and child neglect and reporting safety violations occurring in DoD child or youth programs or schools.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Public Service Announcements

Sponsored by Military OneSource, these short video PSAs are tools for service providers to use in promotional and training settings for parents as well as fellow service providers on military installations to raise awareness and prevent child abuse and neglect.

  • 15 seconds (2MB) Child Abuse and Neglect PSA (short version)
  • 30 seconds (5MB) Child Abuse and Neglect PSA (long version)


Mobilization and Contingency (MAC) Plan Provided by the Army Children and Youth Program, this tri-fold describes the MAC plan for local installations that identifies how child, youth, and school needs will be met during mobilization and deployment, natural disasters, and emergency situations.

Army Warriors in Transition

The Army provides support to Warriors in Transition Soldiers and care givers to include free Children and Youth services registration, waived fees for four instructional classes per child/youth, waived fees for two Children and Youth team or individual sports, and full-day/part-day patron fee reduction for employed parents. These promotional materials provide more information about the program:


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