Reconnecting on the Job Following Deployment With the Guard or Reserve

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Going back into the civilian work force after a long absence and intense experiences in a combat zone may have its challenges. While an adjustment period is often inevitable, you can make the reintegration process easier for yourself by preparing ahead of time and knowing what to expect.

Your return home may be met with a lot of change. From new employees, to policies and procedures or even unfamiliar programs, things may be different. And most importantly, your military experiences may cause a change in your perceptions and attitudes. It is normal for all this sudden change to seem a bit overwhelming, and it's ok to need a period of adjustment to feel connected to your work and your coworkers again.

When coming back from deployment, you may feel out of place, miss the intensity and emotional commitment of combat duty, have mixed feelings about how your job was handled while you were gone or lack the enthusiasm and motivation you once had for your job. These feelings are part of the process of readjusting to civilian employment after military deployment.

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