Staying or Moving When Your Spouse is Deployed

Two teenagers sitting on the lawn of their home as movers and their mom organize moving boxes in the front yard

Your spouse is deploying, and your first thought may be to pack up and move closer to your family. The change of scenery might be nice, your parents could help with the kids and you could reconnect with old friends — all great things to distract you from the deployment. Deciding to stay or move is a personal decision, and you and your family should consider how moving will affect the following:

  • Finances
  • Medical access
  • Family members with special needs
  • Employment
  • Children
  • Family time
  • Your military support system

Staying or moving should be a family decision. Before you call the movers, do your research and consider all the factors that could impact you and the family — make an informed decision. Consider these things in your decision:

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