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Joint Family Support Assistance Program

When you or your loved one is called to active duty for a deployment, you and your family will experience similar deployment-related challenges as other military families with a deployed or deploying service member. Fortunately, the Joint Family Support Assistance Program supports National Guard and reserve families as well as other military families who do not live near an installation and are unable to take advantage of installation support services.

Joint Family Support Assistance Program Service Providers

In each state, JFSAP service providers work with National Guard and reserve military and family programs to augment existing family programs. Service providers offer information on military programs, military partnerships in the civilian community and short-term, confidential non-medical counseling to individuals, couples and families. A JFSAP service provider may be able to help locate quality child care, offer information on military education programs or provide help for a couple adjusting to a difficult deployment.

Service providers may vary by state, but may include the following:

  • Military and family life counselor. As licensed counselors, MFLCs assist service members and their families with access to counseling services. They may provide confidential, short-term, non-medical counseling themselves or make referrals to licensed counselors in the local area. An MFLC may address issues including parenting, relationships, stress, personal loss or deployment adjustment.
  • Child and youth behavioral counselor. These counselors help coordinate services for children and youth. They may provide counseling and education on topics such as developmental milestones, difficult behaviors, separation and anxiety. They can also help families find local, state or federal programs for children and youth in the local community.
  • Personal financial counselor. Personal financial counselors offer financial readiness education and counseling services on personal financial planning, budgeting, reducing debt, retirement planning, deployment financial planning, understanding military pay and related topics. The personal financial counselor also helps families find resources on financial management in the local community.
  • Military OneSource consultant. Military OneSource consultants collaborate with local, state and federal programs to assist with identifying military and family readiness resources, as well as provide education on support services available through Military OneSource. Consultants can also provide referrals to local support services when needed.

Military OneSource also offers confidential non-medical counseling regardless of activation status and addresses issues requiring short-term attention, including everyday stressors, deployment and reintegration concerns, parenting, grief and loss and marital issues.

Briefs and deployment events

Often you'll find JFSAP service providers at deployment briefings, such as the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program and other events sponsored by the National Guard or reserve. You can find more information on the JFSAP and other military support services by visiting the Military OneSource JFSAP page or by calling 800-342-9647.


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