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Military programs are governed by federal law, Department of Defense policy and additional policies specific to the branches of service. The below are the excerpts from federal law that govern deployment assistance programs in the military.

Family Programs/Centers

Chapter 88 of Title 10, United States Code, "Military Family Programs and Military Child Care," February 1, 2010. This legislation provides authority to the Office of Family Policy to coordinate programs and activities of the military departments and to make recommendations to the secretaries of the military departments regarding military family programs. It also establishes online resources providing comprehensive family program information for service members and their families.



Picture of a woman working on her taxes. During a deployment, the last thing you want to think about is filing state and federal income taxes. As overwhelming as it may seem, filing your tax return doesn't have to be difficult. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes that service members and their families often face special circumstances and has taken measures to make this annual obligation easier.

Photo of tax forms currently being worked on. Every year, millions of Americans are unable to file their federal income tax returns by the due date. You may not have received the forms you needed, you may need extra time or you may have been out of the country on a deployment. Regardless of the reason, you may be able to request an extension to allow you more time to complete your paperwork.

Picture of husband and wife creating a savings plan. Deploying? Before deployment is the perfect time to set some new savings goals that will benefit you long after your homecoming. Check out your deployment savings options and make a plan today.

Flower on lilypads This two-hour webinar will explore current research findings linked to burnout and wellness for mental health clinicians. The presentation will include burnout prevention and wellness strategies used to promote a more mindful work-life balance. Continuing education units are available.




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