Bedtime Tips for Infants

A service member holding her sleeping baby

In your sleep-deprived state, you may feel that no baby in history has slept fewer consecutive hours than your newborn. But in reality, most infants sleep for short stretches during their first few months. Waking frequently with your new baby is a parenting rite of passage. During those early days, you can expect to be awake with your hungry baby every night.

But don’t worry, nothing lasts forever. As babies grow, they develop more predictable patterns of sleep and wakefulness. By four months of age, some infants may sleep during the night for four or even eight hour stretches, while still napping two or three times a day. Other babies may take longer to sleep through the night.

As you wait it out, you can try a few things to speed sleep along. A consistent bedtime routine can encourage your infant to fall asleep on his or her own, and sleep for longer stretches of time. With patience and effort, you will reap the benefits.

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