Avoiding Frauds and Scams After a Natural Disaster

Service members starting a generator next to a home damaged by a storm

Many dependable organizations, government programs and businesses offer help after a natural disaster. Unfortunately, dishonest vendors and scammers will also be there, ready to take advantage of you when you’re vulnerable. If you’ve had the bad luck of facing a natural disaster, or you’re a concerned citizen who wants to help disaster victims, beware of con artists and criminals. Scams and cons that prey on disaster victims and those who want to help the victims can come in many forms, including:

  • Home repair frauds
  • Identity theft
  • Fake government representatives
  • Fake charities

Protect yourself from scams by staying alert and doing your homework. It’s important to know that who you’re dealing with is legitimate and not just a fraudster trying to take advantage during a time of confusion and high emotions. Be prepared by knowing how scammers operate and what to do to protect yourself.

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