5 Tips for Using Credit Cards Overseas

Hands pulling a credit card out of a wallet

Whether you're stationed out of the country or just traveling, using a credit card may be the safest way to pay when overseas. Thanks to added security measures like purchase protection, credit cards are a safer option than your ATM debit card. Don't want to deal with a declined card? Just make sure to keep track of your purchases and plan to use your card wisely while overseas.

Quick and easy tips to follow

  1. Pick a universal card. Stick to widely accepted credit cards and choose a credit card company that makes traveling as easy as possible.
  2. Notify your issuer. If your card company sees your card being used in places you don't normally go, they might suspend your account. Save yourself that hassle by letting your card issuer know you are going abroad before you leave.
  3. Ask about fees. Before you depart, ask the card issuer what fees they will charge for using your card abroad. If you have more than one credit card, take the one with the best rates for withdrawing money and making transactions.
  4. Keep card issuer contact numbers handy. Look up your card issuer's international phone number and keep it with you so you can get assistance quickly in case something goes wrong.
  5. Save all receipts. The most important thing to do when abroad is to save all your receipts. By keeping your receipts, you'll know exactly what you've purchased and how much you've spent.

With a little extra preparation, using your card overseas won't be a problem. And just like you would in the states, be sure to manage your credit card balance to stay within your budget.


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