Tobacco-free areas - This initiative aims to reduce tobacco use by increasing the number of designated tobacco-free areas on an installation or reducing the number designated tobacco-use areas.

Fight the Enemy - This campaign aims to reduce the number of service members who smoke and use tobacco-related products. The recent iteration encouraged teenagers to develop tobacco video counter-marketing messages to change knowledge, attitudes and beliefs surrounding tobacco use.

Kicking Butts for Points - This four-week tobacco-cessation competition motivates and inspires individuals to achieve tobacco-free living. Teams receive weekly trivia questions via text message and compete against other teams to win rewards. More than 100 individuals participated in March 2015. See the full summary report.

Parity pricing - This effort to reduce tobacco use requires tobacco products be sold on the installation at the same price sold by competitors in the local community.

Tobacco-free policy at military treatment facilities - Military treatment facilities develop and implement a tobacco-free campus policies.

Tobacco counter-marketing at point-of-sale - This is a save-to-spend tobacco counter-marketing campaign.


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