DoDD 4715.1E, “Environment, Safety and Occupational Health” - This Directive establishes policies on environment, safety and occupational health to sustain and improve the Department of Defense mission and continues to authorize the armed forces pest management board.

DoDI 1015.08, “Department of Defense Civilian Employee Morale, Welfare and Recreation Activities and Supporting Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities” - This Instruction prescribes policy and assigns responsibilities for operation of Department of Defense civilian employee Morale, Welfare and Recreation activities and supporting nonapporiated fund instrumentalities.

DoDI 1015.10, “Military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Programs” - This Instruction establishes and implements policy, assigns responsibilities, and prescribes procedures for operating and managing programs for military Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.

DoDI 1010.10, “Health Promotion and Disease Prevention” - This Instruction establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for health promotion and disease prevention in accordance with the National Prevention Strategy, Affordable Care Act and Healthy People 2020.

DoDI 1125.03, “Vending Facility Program for the Blind on Department of Defense-Controlled Federal Property” - This Instruction establishes policy to give priority in the establishment and operation of vending facilities, give priority in the award of contracts to operate cafeterias, ensure satisfactory sites are awarded for blind vending facilities and ensure specified income from vending machines will be given to state licensing agencies.

DoDI 1330.17, “Department of Defense Commissary Program” - This Instruction provides detail about the Department of Defense commissary program, which is included as an income benefit to provide savings and enhance the quality of life.

DoDI 4715.4, “Pollution Prevention” - This Instruction ensures that installations in the U.S. comply with all levels of environmental laws, regulations and standards.

DoDI 4715.13, “Department of Defense Noise Program” - This Instruction promotes the development of initiatives to educate and train Department of Defense military, civilian, and contractor personnel and the public on noise issues.

DoDI 4715.15, “Environmental Quality Systems” - This Instruction outlines the improvement of the planning, collection and use of environmental data amongst various levels of governance.

DoDI 4715.17, “Environmental Management Systems” - This Instruction outlines the use of environmental management systems to enhance the environmental aspects of Department of Defense operations, the impacts of environmental conditions and the constraints of these conditions on missions.

DoDI 4715.18, “Emerging Contaminants” - This Instruction defines the emerging contaminants that pose a risk to people, the environment, and Department of Defense missions, programs and resources.

DoDI 5000.67, “Prevention and Mitigation of Corrosion on Department of Defense Military Equipment and Infrastructure” - This Instruction references DoDD 5000.01 to define the trade-off decisions about corrosion prevention and mitigation for military equipment and infrastructure.

DoDI 6050.05, “Department of Defense Hazard Communication Program” - This Instruction protects Department of Defense personnel from accidental death, injury or occupational illness pursuant to DoDD 4715.1.

DoDI 6055.01, “Department of Defense Safety and Occupational Health Program” - This Instruction establishes a comprehensive, all-hazards installation emergency management program duty to occupation Department of Defense management.

DoDI 6055.04, “Department of Defense Traffic Safety Program” - This Instruction strives to eliminate motor vehicle-related mishaps and the resulting deaths, injuries and property damage by applying risk management strategies to achieve an annual goal of significant reductions in all mishaps, with the ultimate goal of zero mishaps.

DoDI 6055.05, “Occupational and Environmental Health” - This Instruction expands risk management procedures to better handle health hazards associated with occupational and environmental exposures in Department of Defense workplaces to also include military operations and deployments.

DoDI 6055.07, “Mishap Notification, Investigation, Reporting and Record Keeping” - This Instruction protects the public from risk of death, injury, illness or property damage because of Department of Defense activities.

DoDI 6055.17, “Department of Defense Installation Emergency Management Program” - This Instruction establishes a comprehensive, all-hazards program worldwide to maintain Department of Defense readiness.

DoDI 7700.18, “Commissary Surcharge, Nonappropriated Fund and Privately Financed Construction Reporting Procedures” - This Instruction defines reporting procedures for commissary surcharge, nonappropriated funds and privately financed construction.

DoDI 7700.20, “Commissary Surcharge, Nonappropriated Fund, and Privately Financed Construction Policy” - This Instruction defines policy regarding corrosion commissary surcharge, nonappropriated and privately financed construction programs to enhance the overall comfort and wellbeing of Department of Defense personnel and their families.


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