DoDI 1010.10, “Health Promotion and Disease Prevention” - This Instruction establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for health promotion and disease prevention in accordance with the National Prevention Strategy, Affordable Care Act and Healthy People 2020.

DoDD 6200.04, “Force Health Protection” - This Directive establishes policy and assigns responsibility for implementing force health protection measures on behalf of all military service members during active and reserve military service, encompassing the full spectrum of missions, responsibilities, and actions of the Department of Defense components in establishing, sustaining, restoring and improving the health of their forces.

DoDD 6490.02E, “Comprehensive Health Surveillance” - This Directive establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for routine, comprehensive health surveillance of all Department of Defense personnel throughout their military service or Department of Defense civilian employment and establishes the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center as the single source for Department of Defense-level health surveillance information.

DoDI 1015.10, “Military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Programs” - This Instruction establishes and implements policy, assigns responsibilities, and prescribes procedures for operating and managing programs for military Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.

DoDI 1015.08, “Department of Defense Civilian Employee Morale, Welfare and Recreation Activities and Supporting Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities” - This Instruction prescribes policy and assigns responsibilities for operation of Department of Defense civilian employee Morale, Welfare and Recreation activities and supporting nonapporiated fund instrumentalities.

DoDI 1125.03, “Vending Facility Program for the Blind on Department of Defense-Controlled Federal Property” - This Initiative establishes policy to give priority in the establishment and operation of vending facilities, give priority in the award of contracts to operate cafeterias, ensure satisfactory sites are awarded for blind vending facilities and ensure specified income from vending machines will be given to state licensing agencies.

DoDI 1300.24, “Recovery Coordination Program” - This Instruction details the focus of the recovery coordination program, which provides oversight and coordination of Department of Defense resources for recovering service members and their families.

DoDI 1308.3, “Department of Defense Physical Fitness and Body Fat Programs Procedures" - This Instruction outlines policy, assigns responsibilities and prescribes the procedures used to govern physical fitness and weight and body fat standards in the armed forces.

DoDI 1330.17, “Department of Defense Commissary Program” - This Instruction provides detail about the Department of Defense commissary program, which is included as an income benefit to provide savings and enhance the quality of life.

DoDI 1332.36, “Preseparation Counseling for Military Personnel” - This Instruction details the Transition Assistance Program counselor role and ensures that counseling will be available prior to separation for all service members.

DoDI 6490.03, “Deployment Health” - This Instruction implements a comprehensive deployment health program, which effectively anticipates, recognizes, evaluates, controls and mitigates health threats encountered during deployments.

DoDI 6490.04, “Mental Health Evaluations of Members of the Military Services” - This Instruction outlines the responsibility of the Department of Defense to remove the stigma associated with service members seeking and receiving mental health services.

DoDI 6490.08, “Command Notification Requirements to Dispel Stigma in Providing Mental Health Care to Service Members” - This Instruction supports the creation of a culture of support for mental health care and substance abuse education.

DoDI 6490.09, “Department of Defense Directors of Psychological Health” - This Instruction designates roles for psychological health advocacy at military installations to provide consultation, clinical counseling and other services to promote psychological health.

DoDI 6490.10, “Continuity of Behavioral Health Care for Transferring and Transitioning Service Members” - This Instruction maintains continuity of behavioral health care for a service member who requires further behavioral health care or medical addiction treatment or follow-up.

DoDI 6490.15, “Integration of Behavioral Health Personnel Services into Patient-Centered Medical Home Primary Care and Other Primary Care Service Settings” - This Instruction states that behavioral health services are to be provided in primary care settings to help decrease overall health costs and improve patient access.


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