Anger Management for Service Members and Their Families

A service member with a note pad and pen on his lap

Everyone experiences feelings of anger at some time. It can be anything from mild annoyance to full-blown rage. When your angry feelings become too intense or too frequent — or are expressed in hurtful or overly aggressive ways — anger has become a problem. Out-of-control anger can leave lasting scars on family members and partners, alienate friends and coworkers, damage careers, and lead to physical and emotional illnesses.

Think about how you manage your anger.

  • Do you often feel angry?
  • Do you blow up over trivial matters?
  • Do the people around you complain about your temper?
  • Have you experienced road rage?
  • Do you worry that your anger is out of your control?

For some service members and family members, the stresses associated with military life, such as the emotional toll of repeated deployments, can make anger more of a problem in their lives. The most important thing to know is that you can do something about it. If you have tried techniques to manage your anger yourself and are still having problems, it may be time to consider reaching out for support. Learn how to manage anger by understanding how it affects you and acquiring new skills to help you respond to it more constructively.

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