Substance Abuse Policy and Treatment

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*Military OneSource does not provide medical counseling services for issues, such as depression, substance abuse, suicide prevention or post-traumatic stress disorder. The article below is intended for informational purposes only. Military OneSource can provide referrals to your local military treatment facility, TRICARE or another appropriate resource.

To prevent and identify drug use among military personnel, Department of Defense policy requires service members to participate in random urinalysis testing. The military offers support for those struggling with addiction. Here are the basics of its drug prevention program:

  • Random testing is just that - a computer program selects names, and if you're chosen, you're tested. Your commander can also order you to be tested if he or she suspects illegal drug use.
  • Military personnel who are asked to take a urine test must comply; failure to obey can result in disciplinary action.
  • Each branch of the military has its own substance abuse program, and if you test positive, the first step is typically to assess the extent of your substance abuse problem. Then, treatment recommendations follow.

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