Alcohol Abuse: A Family’s Recovery Process

Liquor being poured into a glass.

"I'm not bothering anybody," heavy drinkers often convince themselves. But, alcohol addiction is a disease that doesn't just hurt the abuser; it can also have a lasting and harmful effect on all members of the family, including spouses, children, parents or friends. Alcohol abuse can:

  • Cut into family time and finances
  • Strain family relationships
  • Make interactions confusing, especially for kids
  • Isolate family members from each other, friends or coworkers
  • Cause concerned family members to become enablers or lie to protect the alcohol abuser
  • Cause family members to give up hope that the alcohol abuser will get help, and – instead – cut them off emotionally or financially

Addiction is a family disease, and every member of the family will have their own road to recovery; the military has resources to help.

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