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9 Tips for Keeping in Touch During a Deployment

Here are some ideas for keeping in touch when you and your service member are far apart:

  • Be sure you have the right address. That way your letters and emails will arrive on time.
  • Answer any questions your service member may have asked in an earlier message. You'll keep the conversation going and keep your family member from wondering or worrying.
  • Be creative. Letters and emails are great, but try adding variety with video recordings or DVDs.
  • Express yourself clearly. Remember that you won't be there to explain what you mean when your family member reads your message.
  • Send frequent packages. Ask your family member what is most needed, and be sure to include special treats, funny notes, and anything else that might bring a smile.
  • Be honest. You don't have to pretend that you're feeling fine when you're not.
  • Use the Internet for more than email. For instance, you can create a private blog with pictures and news, talk with your family member in a chat room, or use a scanner to send newspaper clippings or a child's report card.
  • Try not to worry if you don't get a quick response. Your service member may be in an area with limited mail or email service, or may simply be too busy to respond right away.


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