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How to Find Support When You Don't Live Near an Installation

The Joint Family Support Assistance Program supports service members and families from all service branches and components. The program's service providers collaborate with existing family support resources to augment activities and fill gaps. Services are delivered in local communities through partnerships with federal and non-federal entities.

Each state has a tailored Joint Family Support Assistance Program designed to support the state's unique needs. Service providers who may be available based upon the needs of the state include military and family life counselors, child and youth behavioral military and family life counselors, Military OneSource consultants and personal financial counselors.

To learn more about the Joint Family Support Assistance Program, please access the following materials and links and learn how to assist service members and families:

Joint Family Support Assistance Program Partners Quick Reference Guide This guide provides a basic overview to community partners about the Joint Family Support Assistance Program and directs community partners to resources for more detailed information.

Inter-service Family Assistance Committee Resource Guide This guide was developed by the Army and is designed to orient and inform family program staff about how to establish and sustain state and inter-service family assistance committees. The committees play a key role in assisting staff to deliver baseline services to geographically dispersed service members and families closest to where they live.

New Hampshire Deployment Cycle Support Program This is an example of a state program that provides support to geographically dispersed military members and their families.

United States Department of Agriculture Cooperative Extension System Office Locator This site will help you find the nearest cooperative extension office including contact information for each office.

State Family Program Directors This page provides contact information for each state's family program director and Joint Family Support Assistance Program service providers in one location.


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