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Outreach to Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Info Paper


Expansion of the military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) benefit to active duty, National Guard, and Reserve service members who do not have access to installation MWR programs is a Department of Defense (DoD) priority. The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and create a sense of community for military members who do not have the infrastructure support an installation offers.

Program Highlights

  • YMCA Memberships
    • The DoD has contracted with the Armed Services Young Men's Christian Association (ASYMCA)to offer memberships at local, participating YMCAs to families of deployed Guard and Reserve personnel, active duty service members assigned to Independent Duty (ID) locations, any relocated spouse of a deployed active duty service member, and wounded warriors assigned to community-based Warrior Transition Units.
    • YMCA membership for eligible Title 10 military members is free at more than 2,000 participating YMCA locations in the  United States and Puerto Rico. Initial response is overwhelmingly positive and marketing efforts in coordination with the ASYMCA are expanding to reach more eligible families, particularly from the Guard and Reserve communities.
    • Respite child care is included for eligible families of deployed Guard and Reserve personnel and ID families. Sixteen hours of free respite care is currently offered in nine states that meet DoD child care requirements.
  • Online Library Resources
    • Mobile military members often do not have easy access to a brick and mortar library on hand to provide entertainment, learning, or solace. The Online Library provides those resources while the members are in transit or deployed.
    • One-stop shopping for all library resources in print, electronic, and downloadable format is available online, 24/7.
    • The online library provides recreation, lifelong learning, reference, and career resources for all ages and interests.
    • All resources including audio and eBooks are free.
    •, an online tutoring service, is also available through the Online Library.
    • Resources are available anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet.

Program Availability

These programs are available worldwide on military installations, online, and in community-based partner facilities.

For More Information

  • Affordable Vacations (Coming Soon!):  The Armed Forces Recreation Centers (AFRC) and local installation cabins, beach houses, hotels, and other 'best kept secrets' offer local, affordable destinations for family vacations and relaxation often close to home. Professional videos are being developed to advertise and market the AFRCs, and the first Joint inventory with information on the Services "best kept" secrets will be available soon on Military OneSource.
  • Online Gaming (Coming Soon!):  The DoD plans to create free Internet gaming opportunities on Military OneSource to foster a safe and controlled environment for an increasingly popular recreational pursuit that can enhance military communities.


Working out. Some of the most common reasons people talk themselves out of exercise are lack of time, lack of money — or both. But you don’t need to pay a monthly fee to lose weight, and you don’t need fancy gym equipment to build muscle. You can get fit simply by using what you have or using low- or no-cost resources and facilities just for military families.

Football filled with peanuts Take the guesswork out of your health. Meet the USDA Super Tracker. Use it to track the foods you eat and the calories you burn. You can even use it to compare more than 8,000 foods side by side to help you choose the one with the highest nutritional value. Take control of your health now, and start tracking!

Couple looking at brochures In gearing up for Military Saves Week this webinar will discuss one of the most important savings goals of American families — saving money for a comfortable retirement. Such topics will include research findings about the retirement preparedness of American families, conflicting opinions about "the number" (the amount of money needed to comfortably retire), factors that influence "the number" and retirement savings calculation tools such as the Ballpark Estimate and Monte Carlo simulations. Case studies and chat questions will be included to apply the webinar content to real world situations. There are CEUs available.






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