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Service Regulations and Orders

Military programs are governed by federal law, Department of Defense policy and additional policies specific to the branches of service. The below are service-specific policies that govern Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs in the military including fitness and sports programs, libraries and information services, recreation programs, single service member programs, business programs and MWR financial policies.

Overarching MWR Policy


AR 215.1, "Military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Programs and Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities," October 6, 2008 certified as current September 24, 2010 This regulation establishes policy, prescribes procedures, and assigns responsibilities for Army MWR programs and nonappropriated fund instrumentalities (NAFIs).

AR 215-7, "Civilian Nonappropriated Funds and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Activities," January 26, 2001 This regulation implements prescribed policies and procedures governing the establishment, operation, control, and dissolution of DoD and Army civilian NAFIs.

Navy and Marine Corps

MCO 12790.2, "Civilian Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI) and Civilian Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Activities," June 27, 1990 This Order provides instructions concerning the operations and requirements of managing civilian nonappropriated fund (NAF) activities within the Marine Corps.

SECNAVINST 1700.12A, "Operation of Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Activities," July 15, 2005 This Instruction implements prescribed policies and procedures, and assigns responsibilities for operation of MWR activities within the Navy.

SECNAVINST 5401.2A, "Establishment, Management and Control of Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities and Financial Management of Supporting Resources," January 21, 2004 This Instruction prescribes policies and assigns responsibilities for the establishment, disestablishment, management, and control of NAFIs, NAF, and financial management of resources supporting NAFIs.

Commander Navy Installations Command Instruction (CNICINST) 1710.3, "Operation of Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs," June 14, 2013 This Instruction provides policy and includes a chapter on Navy Motion Picture Entertainment.

OPNAVINST 1710.9, "Administration of Recreation Programs Afloat," July 14, 2008 This Instruction provides policy and guidance for the administration and management of afloat recreation services and funds, and supports shipboard NAFIs.

BUPERSINST 12990.1A, "Manual for the Operation of Navy Civilian Morale, Welfare and Recreation (CMWR) Activities," February 6, 2004 This Instruction sets forth policies, regulations, and procedures for the establishment, operation, and administration of Navy CMWR activities.

Air Force

Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 34-1, "Air Force Services Combat Support Programs," November 2, 2012 This Directive establishes policy for support programs in a combat theater to include recreational programs and services.

Air Force Joint Instruction (AFJI) 34-122, "Civilian Nonappropriated Funds and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Activities," April 22, 1988 This is a joint Instruction with the Department of the Army and is identical to AR 215-7. It governs the management of NAFIs and MWR activities for civilian employees.

Air Force Instruction (AFI) 34-101, "Air Force Morale, Welfare, and Recreation and Use Eligibility," March 28, 2013 This Instruction provides guidance on the scope and management of Services programs and eligibility of customers. Attachment 2 details the patron eligibility requirements for MWR programs. 

Coast Guard

Commandant Instruction (COMDTINST) 1780.2B, "Coast Guard Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation (MWR) Internship Programs," October 4, 2010 This Instruction establishes policy and procedures for the Coast Guard MWR Internship Programs. These programs provide a positive learning environment for students pursuing degrees in the field of recreation or a related MWR field.

COMDTINST M1710.13C, "Coast Guard Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation Manual," May 11, 2010. This Instruction sets forth policy and procedures for administering the Coast Guard MWR Program.

Fitness and Sports Policies

Marine Corps

MCO P1700.29, "Semper Fit Fitness and Health Promotion Policy," January 8, 2013 This Order publishes policies and standards of the Marine Corps Semper Fit Program, a comprehensive fitness, recreation, and health promotion program.

Air Force

AFI 34-266, "Air Force Fitness and Sports Programs," December 8, 2014 This Instruction implements the fitness improvement programs and voluntary, leisure-time fitness and sports activities.

Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 34-137, "Air Force Fitness and Sports Operations," April 7, 1995 This manual supplements AFI 34-137 by providing operations and procedural guidance for sports programs and fitness centers. (This manual is posted on a password protected website.)

Libraries and Information Services Policies

Marine Corps

MCO 1560.25, "Marine Corps Lifelong Learning Program," September 1, 2005 This Order establishes policies and standards for the Lifelong Learning Program in the Marine Corps. Chapter 9 addresses the general libraries.

Air Force

AFI 34-150, "Air Force Libraries," September 24, 2014 This Instruction provides procedures for establishing and operating general, technical, academic, and special libraries and library service centers.

Recreational Program Policies


AR 215-6, "Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Program Overseas," January 15,1987 This regulation sets forth responsibilities and procedures for administering the Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Program in overseas installations.

Navy and Marine Corps

MCO 1710.23B, "Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Program Overseas," January 15, 1987 This Order provides responsibilities and procedures governing the operation of the Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Program Overseas.

Air Force

AFI 34-126(I), "Armed Forces Entertainment Program," August 7, 2014 This Instruction implements the Armed Forces Entertainment Program for the Air Force.

AFMAN 34-146, "Air Force Entertainment Program," December 12, 2012 This manual describes the Air Force Entertainment Program, including all Air Force and commercial theatrical, musical, and touring shows conducted on Air Force installations.

AFI 34-109, "Air Force Community Activity Centers," September 3, 2010 This Instruction describes responsibilities and procedures for the Air Force Community Activities Center Program.

AFI 34-110, "Air Force Outdoor Recreation Centers," January 6, 2012 This Instruction provides guidance for starting and running outdoor recreation programs at Air Force installations.

Individual Recreation Skill Programs Policy

Air Force

AFI 34-111, "Air Force Skills Development Program," August 27, 2004  This Instruction provides guidance and procedures for the operation of Air Force Skills Development programs.

AFMAN 34-134, "Air Force Skills Development Program Operations," November 3, 2010 This manual provides specific guidance and restrictions, and detailed procedures for the operation of multi-faceted fine arts, crafts, industrial arts, wood, and auto hobby and repair services. (This manual is posted on a password protected website.)

Single Service Member Programs Policy

Marine Corps

MCO 1700.36A, "Single Marine Program (SMP)," August 26, 2009 This Order establishes policy and provides guidance for the SMP throughout the Marine Corps.

Other Special Interest Recreation Programs Policy

Navy and Marine Corps

MCO P1710.16E, "Marine Corps Aero Club Program Manual," May 6,1993 This Order provides for the establishment of Marine Corps Aero Clubs and sets forth basic policies and procedures for operation.

BUPERSINST 1710.22, "Navy Flying Club (NFC) Program," June 5, 2001 This Instruction issues policy, procedures, and responsibilities for the NFCs.

Air Force

AFI 34-121, "Other Recreation Membership Club Programs," July 19, 1994 This Instruction provides guidance and procedures for the operation of Air Force recreation clubs such as rod and gun, riding, yacht, skiing, parachute, model airplane, skin diving, scuba diving, and snow-mobile.

AFI 34-217, "Air Force Aero Club Program," February 1, 1997 This Instruction provides guidance and procedures for the operation of Air Force and Air Force Reserve aero clubs by clarifying membership eligibility criteria, classifying mishaps, providing inspection policy, and defining safety officer responsibilities in investigating mishaps.

Business Programs Policy

Air Force

AFI 34-116, "Air Force Golf Course Program," June 24, 2011 This Instruction provides guidance and procedures for Air Force golf programs.

AFMAN 34-130, "Golf Course Program Management," November 1, 1995 This manual provides specific guidance, operational requirements, restrictions, and detailed procedures for the operation of the Air Force Golf Courses. (This manual is posted on a password protected website.)

AFI 34-118, "Bowling Program," July 7, 2011 This Instruction provides guidelines and procedures for operating Air Force bowling programs.

MWR Financial Policy

Air Force

AFI 34-201, "Air Force Guidance Memorandum to Air Force Instruction (NAFS)," July 2, 2014 This Instruction provides the basic responsibilities, procedures, and practices for all Air Force NAF and NAFIs under the responsibility of the Air Force MWR Advisory Board.


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