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Army Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Army MWR provides support and leisure services designed to enhance the lives of Soldiers (active, Reserve, and Guard), their families, civilian employees, military retirees, and other eligible participants.

Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) MCCS provides a wide range of services to help Marines and their family members enhance their quality of life including counseling, information and referral, and programs/services related to the military lifestyle. MCCS resulted from a merger between Marine Corps recreational programs, Marine Corps services, the Marine Corps Exchange, and a number of military personnel services. MCCS provides eligible patrons with the entire spectrum of quality of life programs and services.

Navy MWR The Navy MWR Division administers a varied program of recreational, social, and community support activities on Navy facilities worldwide, providing active duty, reserve, and retired Navy personnel and their families with sports and physical fitness activities, child development and youth programs, and a variety of food and beverage services.

US Air Force (USAF) Services  USAF Services provides eligible patrons with recreation and leisure programs as well as family member and community services programs.

Coast Guard Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation (MWR) The Coast Guard MWR program provides recreational opportunities to eligible personnel through customer-driven programs and services.

Fitness and Sports

Army Sports and Fitness These programs provide eligible patrons with the opportunity to participate in a full range of individual and team sports.

Navy Fitness Program This program provides traditional and innovative fitness programs to improve participant's functional capacity and fitness awareness and promotions designed to increase health education for patrons.

USAF Sports This program allows active duty, National Guard, and Reserve Air Force personnel to participate in Air Force, armed forces, national, and international sports events.

Coast Guard Armed Forces Sports The Coast Guard participates in Armed Forces Sports as a member of the Navy Sports teams, with the exception of rugby.


Army Libraries Army Libraries is a worldwide network of over 125 libraries offering services such as story hours for children, book discussion groups, Internet access, word processing, reference books, and on-line reference resources, as well as collections of fiction and nonfiction literature.

Marine Corps General Library Program This program assembles, organizes, preserves, and makes readily available unbiased collections of library materials and accompanying library services to all eligible personnel.

Navy General Library System The Navy General Library System provides library services to afloat and ashore units through thirty-two main libraries and through numerous supporting sites such as ships/subs and remote and isolated units.

Air Force Libraries Air Force Libraries provide eligible patrons with Internet access, reading rooms, reference books and media, and collections of fiction and nonfiction literature.

Recreational Programs

Army Entertainment  Army Entertainment produces a variety of programs with competitive Soldier talent to include The U.S. Army Soldier Show, USA Express, Bravo! Army Theater Touring Program, Army Entertainment Competitions, the Army Concert Tour, and Army Community Entertainment.

Army Outdoor Recreation These programs provide eligible patrons with opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities such as rappelling, climbing, parasailing, camping, skeet and trap shooting, hiking, and skiing, and opportunities to rent outdoor recreation equipment.

Army Community Recreation Centers Army Community Recreation Centers provide eligible patrons with opportunities to recreate through a mixture of self-directed and programmed activities such as darts, billiards, amusement machines, television, DVD movies, use of computers for Internet service, club or organizational meetings, and competitive events and tournaments.

Marine Corps Outdoor Activities Marine Corps Outdoor Activities provides camping, recreational vehicles (RVs) and cabins, paintball, recreational shooting (skeet and trap shooting), and skate parks for eligible personnel.

Marine Corps Outdoor Recreation and Equipment Checkout The Marine Corps Outdoor Recreation and Equipment Checkout allows eligible patrons to rent a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation equipment on a daily or weekly basis.

Marine Corps Recreation Centers Marine Corps Recreation Centers provide eligible patrons with a wide variety of individual and group activities and serve as the meeting place for various clubs or community activities.

Marine Corps Aquatics and Waterfront Program This program provides access to pools, beaches, marinas, and waterfronts where patrons can swim, relax, take lessons in and enjoy scuba, and rent watercraft at marinas.

Marine Corps Stables The Marine Corps offers private horse boarding at six installations and provides only government-owned or leased horses for rent at three additional installations. Each stable provides for recreational horseback riding and riding instruction.

Marine Corps Theaters Marine Corps Theaters provide eligible patrons with low-cost admission to installation theaters showing movies in current release or recent release.

U.S. Navy Entertainment Navy entertainment provides live entertainment to service members and their families stationed overseas and on deployed ships at sea.

Navy Outdoor Recreation This program provides patrons with opportunities to participate in outdoor recreational activities.

Navy Marinas Navy Marinas allow patrons to rent boats and equipment, store private boats, and provide boating safety lessons.

Navy Motion Picture Program This program provides motion picture entertainment to ashore and afloat units at over forty-five Navy operated theaters in six countries.

Air Force Tops In Blue Tops in Blue is an Air Force touring troupe consisting of the best entertainers in the Air Force, providing quality entertainment to Air Force personnel stationed worldwide.

Individual Recreation Skill Programs

Army Arts and Crafts Program This program provides eligible patrons with the opportunity to engage in skill development activities and tap into their creativity.

Army Automotive Skills Program This program provides eligible patrons with the opportunity to build life skills in automotive repair by offering them the facilities, tools, equipment, and instruction for repair.

Marine Corps Arts and Crafts Skill Development Program This program offers a wide variety of core craft activities, to include framing, engraving, ceramics, woodworking, pottery, and photography through instructional courses and supervised use of equipment.

Marine Corps Automotive Skills Program This program provides facilities and equipment (lifts, bays, and specialized equipment) for eligible patrons, and instructs and assists them in the basic maintenance of their vehicles.

Navy Automotive Skills Program This program provides patrons with equipment, supervision, and instruction on the repair and maintenance of their automobiles.

Air Force Arts and Crafts Program This program provides military personnel and their families with activities in fine arts and industrial arts. The arts and crafts centers provide hands-on instruction and group instruction.

Leisure Travel

Army Travel This webpage provides information and links to Army Lodging Information, Tickets, and Reservations (ITR) offices, Armed Forces Recreation Centers, and off-duty travel information.

Marine Corps Information, Tickets, & Tours (ITT) Marine Corps ITT provides customer-driven travel venues and services, and entertainment activities.

Navy Information, Tickets, & Travel (ITT) Navy ITT offers information and assistance for service members regarding airlines, cruises, rental cars, land packages, and attractions.

Air Force Information, Tickets, & Travel (ITT) The Air Force ITT website provides service members with information on resort, cruise, or tour destinations for recreational travel.

Recreational Lodging

Army Paths Across America Army Paths Across America provides a guide to Army RV parks and campgrounds, made available to promote recreational travel and to provide outdoor recreational opportunities for authorized users.

Marine Corps Recreational Lodging Marine Corps Recreational Lodging is available at seven Marine Corps installations and consists of cabins, chalets, trailers, cabanas, beach houses, and cottages. The program offers Marines and other authorized patrons the opportunity to relax and enjoy their vacation at a premier location, while enjoying a significant savings.

Navy Cabins and RV Parks Navy recreational cabins and RV parks provide military personnel with opportunities to enjoy their vacation in recreational areas in nineteen different states and three different countries.

Coast Guard Recreational Lodging Coast Guard Recreational Lodging offers over twenty-five recreational destinations, at a reduced cost for eligible personnel, across the United States.

Single Service Member Programs

Army Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) The Army BOSS program focuses on the well-being of single Soldiers, opportunities for recreation and leisure, and opportunities for community service. The program also provides the opportunity for single Soldiers to communicate their concerns to higher leadership.

Single Marine Program (SMP) SMP provides single Marines with the opportunity to participate in group recreational activities and provides an opportunity for single Marines to voice their concerns to senior leadership.

Other Special Interest Recreational Programs

Navy Flying Club The Navy Flying Club provides patrons with flight instruction for beginners and the opportunity for recreational flying for more seasoned pilots.

Air Force Aero Clubs Air Force Aero Clubs provide a safe venue for learning to fly and also provide the opportunity to fly light general aviation aircraft.

Business Programs

Army Golf The Army Golf program operates and maintains over fifty golf courses in five different countries.

Marine Corps Golf Courses The Marine Corps operates and maintains twelve golf courses around the world ranging from nine to thirty-six holes. Most courses offer driving ranges, fully stocked pro shops, locker rooms, and snack bar operations. In addition to open play and installation-organized tournaments, the Marine Corps Golf Courses offer individual and group instruction.

Marine Corps Bowling Centers The Marine Corps Bowling Centers offer year-round competitive leagues, recreational open play, tournaments, promotions, and bowling pro shops to eligible personnel.

Navy Golf Navy Golf provides open round golf, programs and tournaments, and pro shops at thirty-eight courses in four countries.

Navy Bowling The Navy Bowling Program provides quality modern bowling centers and patron responsive programs and facilities, contributing to the quality of life for members of the Navy community.

Air Force Golf  The Air Force Golf program operates and maintains over sixty golf courses around the world, offering open rounds of golf and instructional courses for beginners.


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