Commissary On-Site Sales

Pallets of food in a warehouse set up for temporary shopping

A great perk for many military personnel is being able to shop and save on groceries at the commissary. But some National Guard or reserve service members who live far from an installation, can't cash in on this discount regularly. The Defense Commissary Agency solved this problem by creating the commissary on-site sales option.

How it works

  • A host commissary coordinates with a National Guard or Reserve Component unit of at least 150 local members for an on-site sale. 
  • The team sets the sale's location, date and the items to be on sale. 
  • The on-site sale targets National Guard and reserve service members, but any authorized personnel can enjoy the sale — and extra savings.
  • Members get the same price commissary shoppers receive, which can reap 30 percent or more in savings compared to a civilian grocery store.

Request an on-site sale through your unit and enjoy the extra cash in your pocket today.


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