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This page provides service members with links to information on sexual assault, prevention tips, consulting options and action steps for victims of a sexual trauma.

DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office serves as the single point of accountability for DoD sexual assault policy. This website provides information about sexual assault, links to DoD policy memoranda and regulations, and links to Service and civilian websites pertaining to sexual assault response and prevention.

DoD Victim and Witness Assistance Council The purpose of this website is to facilitate the dissemination of information and resources to victims and witnesses of crimes on military installations. The website provides information about the DoD Victim and Witness Assistance Program and an overview of the military justice system.

Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Women Veterans This official website provides information for women veterans and links for sexual trauma counseling resources.

Department of Veterans Affairs, Women Veterans Health Care, Military Sexual Trauma Program Through the Military Sexual Trauma Program, veterans, both male and female, who have experienced sexual trauma while serving on active duty can receive sexual trauma services through Veteran Affairs (VA) healthcare professionals. This website provides basic information about the program and contact information. In addition, the site links to pages with information about other VA services, benefits, and programs with online application forms.

Military OneSource This site provides information and resources to help balance work and family life. Consultants are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by phone, online, or via email offering personalized support to any service member, DoD civilian personnel designated as Civilian Expeditionary Workforce, or family member. Military OneSource can connect individuals with a trained, state-licensed mental health professional in the community, telephonically, or online for confidential/private counseling. Military OneSource offers twelve free in-person counseling sessions per person, per issue. For those unable to attend face-to-face counseling, Military OneSource arranges telephone and online consultations.  Active duty, National Guard and Reserve service members, DoD civilian personnel designated as Civilian Expeditionary Workforce members and their families are eligible to receive counseling services from Military OneSource.

Military OneSource is a twenty-four hour reporting line for restricted reports of sexual assaults and allows access to confidential hotline services for active duty members and their families. At the victim's request, Military OneSource can refer a victim directly to a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator or to a victim advocate. To contact Military OneSource by phone, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, call Stateside at 1-800-342-9647. The Military OneSource website lists specific dialing information for other countries. This Department of Defense website provides information and resources related to sexual assault. It provides basic guidance for service members about the issue of sexual assault, prevention information, an overview of reporting options, and information related to service members' rights. The website also provides specific immediate action steps for victims of sexual assaults, for someone who believes a friend has been sexually assaulted, and for a supervisor who believes that someone working for him or her has been sexually assaulted.


Woman under pillow. Bust the myths behind sexual assault. Awareness can help us all be a part of sexual assault prevention and victim support.

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