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Voluntary Education Department of Defense Policy

Military programs are governed by federal law, Department of Defense policy and additional policies specific to the branches of service. The below are the Department of Defense policies that govern voluntary education programs in the military including tuition assistance, Montgomery GI Bill and the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

DoD Instruction 1322.06, "Fellowships, Scholarships, Training With Industry (TWI), and Grants for DoD Personnel," November 15, 2007 This Instruction establishes policy and assigns responsibilities regarding when DoD personnel may accept fellowships, scholarships, TWI opportunities, or grants from corporations, foundations, funds, or education institutions organized and operated for scientific, literary, or educational purposes.

DoD Directive 1322.08E, "Voluntary Education Programs for Military Personnel," January 3,2005, certified as current April 23, 2007 This Directive updates policy that establishes voluntary education programs in each of the branches of Service and states that the amount of monetary support provided to Service members as tuition assistance shall be uniform across the Services.

DoD Instruction 1322.9, "Voluntary Education Programs for Military Personnel-Management System," October 16,1995 This Instruction implements policy under DoD Directive 1322.8 and updates responsibilities and procedures for collecting information about the voluntary education programs for military personnel.

DoD Directive 1322.10, "Policy on Graduate Education for Military Officers," April 29,2008 This Directive grants authority to the Services to fund graduate education for their military officers to ensure that officer duty-assignment positions requiring graduate degrees are filled.

DoD Directive 1322.12, "Funded Legal Education," April 12,2004, certified as current April 23,2007 This Directive updates policy allowing the military Services to detail a select group (no more than twenty-five) of commissioned officers annually to accredited law schools for the purpose of obtaining law degrees and returning subsequently to their military Services as career judge advocate officers.

DoD Directive 1322.16, "Montgomery GI Bill® Program," June 18,2002 This Directive updates policy stating that eligible individuals who do not decline the Montgomery GI Bill® Program shall be entitled to educational assistance.

DoD Instruction 1322.17, "Montgomery GI Bill® - Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR)," November 29,1999 This Instruction updates policy, responsibilities, and procedures to incorporate changes from amendments to Chapter 1606 of Title 10, United States Code establishing a program for educational assistance to members of the Selected Reserve.

DoD Instruction 1322.19, "Voluntary Education Programs in Overseas Areas," May 9,1988 This Instruction prescribes uniform policies and assigns responsibilities for the branches of Service to avoid duplication of post-secondary education offerings in overseas locations.

DoD Instruction 1322.25, "Voluntary Education Programs," March 15, 2011 This Instruction implements policy, assigns responsibilities, and prescribes procedures for the operation of voluntary education programs in DoD and establishes the Interservice Voluntary Education Working Group.

Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (USD(P&R)) Memorandum, “Post-9/11 GI Bill®,” June 22,2009 This directive-type memorandum establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and prescribes procedures for carrying out the Post-9/11 GI Bill®; establishes policy for use of supplemental education assistance for members with critical skills or specialties; and establishes policy for authorizing transferability of education benefits.


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